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Un Camée nommé Désir

A Cameo Named Desire



A favorite for Naples in 2010. The discovery of the meticulous work of the medallion by Pasquale, a passionate craftsman from the port city of Torre del Greco, at the very foot of Vesuvius.


A return to Paris on a nostalgic note.
Ten years of artistic and creative peregrinations.

2022... A desire materialized with a medallion looking like a revisited Cameo.





Personalize your medallion with your profile or that of a loved one and make your jewel a unique gift.
Composed of brass (copper and zinc only) galvanized gold with shiny finishes and a thin layer of lacquer, your jewel is created to measure for your greatest pleasure.

On the model of your photo, the profile will be adapted according to your choices or on our proposal.