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A daughter, a mother, accomplices, and a few letters of their first names for an intimate but not shy brand. A studio like a laboratory of ideas that fuse like shooting stars!

Sofia the girl got caught up in this new adventure initiated by her mother. Jewelry, Cameos inspired by a first trip to Italy ten years ago and a line of chic, playful and ethical swimwear. Sofia takes care of jewelry modeling and brand communication.

Kristelle, the designer, visualizes, draws, researches materials, travels through Italy, meets, seeks partners, stresses, gets enthusiastic, doubts, bounces back and brings the final touch to the realization of the product.

The partners (Mimmo, Diletta, Samantha) listen, understand, concretize with their respective talents, the products that the designer will finish with her final touch.


Originally from Dom-Tom, Kristelle, a globetrotter to her fingertips, can't help but tell stories through her creations. Born in French Guiana, her atypical career between Martinique, Bordeaux and Paris allows her to flourish in different fields which will almost naturally lead her to work in aviation. The one who has a passion for travel, says that what she loves above all is encounters, confronting the cultures she encounters. Her romance with Italy began in 2010 when she launched her first line of jewelry after a short stay in Naples. Today this story finds its culmination with creations directly inspired by his Neapolitan stopovers but also drawn from his artistic career and studies in interior architecture. At the same time, and wishing to realize a dream, in 2019, Kristelle, daughter of Outremers far from her native sun, begins to imagine the swimsuit that she would like to always have in her suitcases and she would like to share this idea. She then begins to draw first sketches which will evolve for two years. It is finally on the side of Geneva where she settled in 2020 that she draws in the smallest details models with original concepts and in materials that she wishes to be as ethical as possible. In a resolutely contemporary style, Stellee Studio jewelery is modeled by Kristelle and her daughter near Geneva, made in unique pieces in Naples and finalized by the team. It is between Puglia and Campania that the swimsuits will be made, in limited numbers, so that each woman realizes how unique she is. Kristelle affirms that if her personal and artistic course led her precisely so far, it is her observation of the modern woman, her desires and her lifestyle, which inspires her above all.


Also born by the water (Bordeaux), she joined her mother in 2021 for an adventure in which she firmly believes. Influencer on social networks and with her keen sense of artistic direction, Sofia decided to collaborate with her mother after obtaining her Master 2 in 360 communication. takes care of the part intended for the visibility of the brand. For her, Stellee Studio products, jewelry or swimwear are timeless and durable pieces in the noblest sense of the term, which become inseparable from our lifestyle with a clear concept: modularity in a chic, modern and responsible design. . For both mother and daughter, the brand's pieces are an elixir against boredom, aimed at women looking for uniqueness.

Welcome to the world of Stellee Studio!